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May 2022

Crisp spring days are ideal for planning outdoor living spaces for the summer months ahead. A little planning goes a long way to help you understand how you will use your outdoor areas whether for remote work, entertaining, games or sports, relaxing, and more.

This infographic from the Turf Mutt Foundation is a great starting place to consider how your personality relates to how you’ll spend time outdoors and serves as an inspiration for the types of “zones” you might want to create to serve different activities.

Think of your backyard as zones

Your backyard can play many roles in your life, with zones providing the space. What are your hobbies? What is your lifestyle? Do you meditate? Consider an area that you can get away, light a candle and Zen out. Like to grow your own food or want an herb garden? What about spaces designated for kids and pets?

Kitchens: the most essential room in the home

One of the most valued rooms in the home is the kitchen. It’s the all-purpose gathering space where family and friends connect.

Achieving that same connection with an outdoor kitchen extends the most valued part of the home. A survey of architectural designers by New Home Institute shows that 6 % most often include outdoor kitchens in their designs.

Materials Matter

Everyone wants more eco-friendly choices – it just makes sense! Eco-friendly building materials have come a long way and are an excellent way to embrace a greener home.

Look for products made in a circular or zero-waste manufacturing environment and close to home for fewer emissions. Innovative materials, like up-cycled agricultural waste offer something new, durable and fun to talk about at your next cocktail party.

In the past, green may have meant expensive or less durable. Today green building materials often match or exceed the performance of traditional ones!

ACRE by Modern Mill is a new building material made from up-cycled rice hulls in a zero-waste environment, offering warmth and beauty of natural wood.

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