May 2022

Winter has its way of showcasing its beauty and its destruction. As warmer temperatures approach, it’s time to brush off the winter’s debris to spend more time outdoors. It’s an excellent time to work with homeowners on their plans to expand, repair, or enhance their outdoor living area, and that includes decking.

No matter the materials you choose, there are some essential tips and tricks to keep your decking in top shape for the next season.

We’ve outlined our top tips to keep decking looking new year after year.

Deck Boards

One of the easiest things you can do is check the deck’s surface. Look for loose boards and repair or replace them as needed.


While nails are rarely used to secure deck boards and posts, if you do have them, consider replacing nails with recommended deck screws if it’s an older deck. It can provide your deck with a more solid grip long-term. Check the rest of the hardware and replace any that you see missing or rusting.

In addition to fasteners, check your joist hangers and ledgers, assuring that they are securely attached to the house (if applicable) and sturdy to last the outdoor season.


Posts offer support for the frame of your deck and are an essential part of the stability of your structure. Make sure that the posts haven’t shifted. While you’re at it, check the foundation — footings and post anchors — for strength.


An extension to the deck railings provides security and should also be inspected for a secure connection, including appropriate hardware. If railings, including picket, glass, or cable infill, check according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

General Maintenance

After checking the surface, hardware, posts, and railings, a good broom sweep to rid the surfaces of debris — dirt, pollen, tree, and plant leaves — and a hosing off to rinse off hard to sweep debris.


Bring out your potted plants, outdoor furniture, Edison lights, and your favorite beverage, and enjoy your well-earned break. You’re now deck season ready!

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