May 2022

We all want outdoor living spaces that maximize our staycation fun: pickleball, grilling and cocktails of course, but what about the unexpected? This year’s trends point to reimagining our outdoor spaces for new activities such as exercise or home offices. Could our backyards be the new “bonus room”?

Here are our best ideas for envisioning a fabulous summer season.

Start with a plan

Like going on a vacation or a new project at work, it all starts with a plan. Ask yourself what you or your family will want from your outdoor space? Do some research online. Hop into Pinterest and pin styles and products you like. Stumped for ideas? Multi-color planked decking, colourful or mix-and-match siding, outdoor kitchens, and luxe fencing all top our list for blending the inside of a home with the outside.

Building a new deck?
Consider your options

With so many deck options available, from natural wood to composites, there are many factors to consider. There are many ways to filter your decision from climate to the level of maintenance and the overall aesthetic.

Natural wood decking, whether it’s cedar or tropical hardwoods are durable materials, with a beautiful appearance. While attractive, natural wood can come at a cost — whether a higher price point or more maintenance.

Composite decking can be made from a blend of recycled plastic and wood fibers. This is a low maintenance path and composite decking tends to be available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Greener options.

Some materials do a better job at creating a “circulating” economy that takes waste out of the equation. If going green is your thing, read our paper on evaluating the tree-friendliness of wood alternatives here.

Clad your home in style.

The use of colors in unexpected places tops the list of modern home siding trends this year. A high-contrasting trim, dark window frames and accents can create depth and dramatic effects. We also see homeowners of newer homes looking to add character and traditional feels with board and batten walls or cladding. Pieces of wood are cut to size, attached to the structure, and painted to give the impression of having always been there.

ACRE products can be painted and stained to your liking, making it easy to capitalize on these trends.

Eco-Friendly Materials

From policy makers to homeowners, everyone wants more eco-friendly choices – it just makes sense! Eco-friendly building materials have come a long way and are an excellent way to embrace a greener home. Look for products made in a circular or zero-waste manufacturing environment and close to home for fewer emissions. Innovative materials, like up-cycled agricultural waste offer something new, durable and fun to talk about at your next cocktail party. In the past, green may have meant expensive or less durable. Today green building materials often match or exceed the performance of traditional ones!

Maximize your outdoor space

Every inch counts so be sure to consider how you’ll use your new space and what you want to include.

Here’s our top 3:

  1. Install lighting and give your dinner parties an extra glow. Candlelit sconces or solar lights around your garden are low maintenance ways to create ambiance
  2. Create Different Living Areas to eat and relax. Outdoor rugs and lighting can create unique vibes.
  3. Simulate nature with a firepit or fountain The sound of water can be mesmerizing and healing. While fire always appeals to the soul. Both are special tools to add ambiance of your oasis.

Modern Mill offers decking, trim boards and siding, outdoor furniture including an Adirondack Chair. Its sheet goods can be milled into numerous applications including cabinetry, pergolas, porch boards and more!

ACRE by Modern Mill is a new building material made from up-cycled rice hulls in a zero-waste environment, offering warmth and beauty of natural wood.

Visit for more  more inspiration or to view our list of stocking dealers and retailers.


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