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Add a Space with ADDASPACE:
Choosing Sustainable Materials

May 2023

When designing for modern living, sustainability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness is at the core of the process. Now more than ever, families are spending more time at home where separate spaces away from the main abode are a necessity. From home offices, kids’ rooms, creative studios or guest houses, the need for modern and affordable additional spaces are in demand in conjunction with goals to reduce environmental footprint.

Addaspace is a company based in Rhode Island that builds luxury, economical and environmentally sustainable spaces to suit the diverse and ever-evolving lifestyles of the modern person.

embracing adaptability

Conservation is a given. Designing and building for the present and future means to take deep consideration in reducing the carbon footprint for future generations who will utilize the built spaces. Adapting and potentially pivoting from initial designs in order to achieve conservation and sustainability goals is part of the process.

How Addaspace Selects
Their Building

“Sustainability in construction is somewhat of a dichotomy,” says Andrew Naperotic, founder of Addaspace. “The culture of much construction is utilizing wood as the main material of choice, whether it be the lumber used in framing or the finishes selected.”

Addaspace aims to reduce carbon footprint and construction waste through thoughtful design and development. They look to the three R’s of Sustainability—Reduce, Reuse and Recycle— when choosing the best fit materials for each project.



Starting at the bones of any construction, Addaspace can either repurpose shipping containers or use light gauge steel to frame all of their structures.


minimize carbon footprint

Next, they select exterior finishes, such as ACRE, that minimizes the carbon footprint of the build. Since ACRE is made from upcycled rice hulls in a zero-waste manufacturing environment, it was the perfect wood-replacement material. “It [the material] does not need to be wood. In fact there are many sustainable alternatives that look exactly like wood without the maintenance headache and environmental impact,” says Naperotic.


promote Ongoing sustainability

Roofing, whether it be solar-ready roof panels and/or insulated metal panels, will help encapsulate homes and promote ongoing sustainability.


shared values

Addaspace consistently partners with suppliers and vendors that have sustainability objectives as part of their values. ACRE by Modern Mill is a great example of shared values including reducing mass forestation and promoting healthier living and design.

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