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ACRE Sheet Good Sample

ACRE Sheet Goods are available in our natural ACRE color, ready to be stained or painted (primer not necessary!).

*Samples are representative only. ACRE is available in its natural, organic color. Any stained or painted samples are for presentation only. Physical properties are subject to change. Always check with a Modern Mill representative or partner to ensure your choices are fit for purpose.



  • Offers a sustainable and indistinguishable alternative to teak, IPE and other tropical woods
  • ACRE is as workable as natural wood – no special training or tools, easily sand or repaint as needed
  • Made from upcycled rice hulls, ACRE offers incredible resistance to water, weather, rot, pests, fading, stains and scratches
  • All the upsides of wood, none of the downsides. ACRE is low-maintenance and cleans easily with soap and water
  • There are endless possibilities for how you can finish ACRE surfaces. You can choose to leave it unfinished for a natural aged teak
  • Unlimited design possibilities, thermoform, oil or stain it, lacquer or paint with the color of your choosing, and even print or emboss it
  • Free of phenol, formaldehyde and adhesives. 100% recyclable — post-industrial and post-consumer product can be cleaned, chipped and used to form new products and profiles at our zero-waste manufacturing facility
  • There are no special requirements for fastening. ACRE accepts screws and nails easily with a flush finish
  • Made in USA
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