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It’s important to familiarize yourself with its spacing requirements, coatings and all installation guidelines. This will ensure ACRE products perform as designed and to expectations.

Coating & Finishing

PROPER INSTALLATION REQUIRES CLOSE ADHERENCE TO MODERN MILL COATINGS GUIDELINES: This is a critical and important step, especially with outdoor applications for ACRE to perform as expected and to avoid the effects of excessive expansion and contraction.

ACRE products generally will not gray like natural woods in exterior applications. However, color may fade over time with increased UV exposure, therefore a UV-resistant clear coat can help resist fading and make for easier cleaning and care.


ACRE has less movement than most synthetic and composite building materials. ACRE will expand and contract as environmental (temperature) conditions change. Refer to the proper product installation guide to ensure the best product performance and minimize the effects of expansion and contraction.

Heat Retention

ACRE products are generally cooler to the touch than most synthetic or traditional composites. Coatings will affect product performance, including heat retention, therefore it’s important to read the Coatings Guide and use manufacturer approved coatings and finishes.

Burning Warning

Safety Warning: Do not burn ACRE products or scraps. ACRE products are not safe to be discarded by burning, used as a firewood, kindling or as any other source of fuel to create and / or maintain a fire or heat source.


ACRE can be joined with commonly available fasteners. Using the correct type and number of fasteners will ensure materials perform as intended. Do not use brad or finish nails. It is important to select the most appropriate fastener in accordance with the application. Consult installation instructions to make sure you are following the proper fastening guidelines.

Storing and Handling

We recommend keeping ACRE in a cool, dry spot, out of direct sunlight. Please acclimate ACRE products prior to installation. Always install ACRE immediately after making any cuts.


We recommend utilizing a PVC glue or cement, polyurethane glue or construction adhesives. Do not use wood glue.

Stains and Cleaning

ACRE products can be stained by certain foods, drinks and chemicals. Clean up any stains or dirt as quickly as possible and keep areas clean from debris. Soap and water, or a product like Simple Green® can clean most stains. In some cases, light sanding may be required. If using a power washer, we do not recommend pressure above 2500 psi and to use a wide fan tip or oscillating tip and keeping the tip a minimum of 12” from the surface.

Surface Marring (Scuffs), Light Surface Damage

Like wood, ACRE might endure some dings, dents or marring on the job. Most light surface damage can be removed by simply sanding ACRE lightly with 120 grit sandpaper on a pole or block sander in the direction of the grain. Please note, less than 120 grit sandpaper may scratch the surface and affect the finish when stain is applied. We do not recommend the use of an orbital or palm sander as this can affect the ACRE grain structure.

Environmental Impact

ACRE by Modern Mill is made from upcycled rice hulls in a zerowaste manufacturing facility in the U.S.A. ACRE is tree-free, and free of phenol, formaldehyde and adhesives. Contact us at to learn about options for recycling.


ACRE products have a limited lifetime guarantee to be free from material defects that are a result of the manufacturing process, rotting or splintering as a direct result of the manufacturing process or by normal use and service provided conditions described in all installation materials and technical guides are met. In no event shall Modern Mill be responsible or liable for labor, installation, re-installation, freight, taxes or any other charges related to defective product. Visit our website to learn more:

Product Applications

Please consult with a Modern Mill representative to ensure your intended use of ACRE products is fit for purpose. For example, ACRE Siding is only approved as shiplap and board and batten and must follow prescribed installation guides. Lap Siding is not an approved application.

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