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ACRE™ sheets

A Groundbreaking Material Limited Only by Your Imagination

ACRE sheets are the perfect medium for executing your ideas. This revolutionary material offers the look and feel of wood, and it can be cut, curved, shaped and molded to fit countless applications, both exterior and interior. It’s also easy to care for and guaranteed to last. ACRE is made from upcycled rice hulls, making it a sustainable choice that doesn’t sacrifice performance.


Product details

Standard Size Sheet:

4’ width x 8’, 10’, 12’, or 16’ foot lengths

Standard Thicknesses:

¼”, ½”, ¾”, 1”

Standard Finishes

Sanded on Both Sides | Embossed on One Side

ACRE comes in its raw natural state, ready for coating and finishing. Be sure to see our coatings guide for important information and recommended products.

Interested in painting or staining ACRE? Download our coatings guide.

If your project requires a more lightweight option, talk to your Modern Mill representative to learn more about our ACRE FLEX product line.


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